The Milky Way Arching over the Teton Mountains

I had a secondary mission in mind on the day my friend and I ascended Table Mountain in Wyoming to witness the 2017 total eclipse over the Grand Teton mountains. After the event, after everyone had packed up left, we remained in the area to rest and take in the spectacular views of the area. When evening arrived, we hiked a little bit closer in towards the massive dropoff between our position and where the Grand Teton mountains rise straight up from the creek below. 

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Behind the photoSean Hoyt
Total Eclipse over Grand Teton National Park

I think, for a while, I treated the 2017 eclipse like any eclipse I've experienced before. The sun blocks part of the moon and you see fun sliver projections from pinholes. But, as I dove deeper into the information and read stories from experienced watchers, I became hooked. There was something new and different to be experienced in an eclipse totality. At 100% coverage (totality), the world gets weird and I wanted to see what everybody was talking about. Instead of any location in the path, I was determined to combine the eclipse with an interesting landscape as part of my new broader venture to sell very-large-format wall art.

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