I absolutely love expansive nature scenes and complex timings and alignments. Most of my photographs aren't simply a snap of the shutter but rather a complex process of scanning a scene and stitching the resulting set of images into a very high resolution final scene. The result is a wider more immersive, enveloping view with incredible detail. Some of my images have over 500 times the resolution of a standard HD television.  


Sunset with my Gigapan robot at the Teton Mountains - © Chris Fabregas

Over the last few decades, I've spent time finding and photographing many of these expansive scenes across Washington and the greater Pacific Northwest including many National Parks such as Yellowstone, the Grand Teton Mountains, Glacier National Park, Mount Rainier National park and many more. Proceeds from this gallery will continue my quest to continuously add new pieces with a large emphasis on very, very, very large-format panoramic photographs captured by my automated panoramic robot. I also plan to maintain a digital journal to contain more details behind the creation of each photo I post as well as featuring real walls having real prints in customer's homes. 

For now, October 2017, I am launching this site with 42 photographs. My archive consists of several hundred more and I plan to upload new shots frequently. Consider subscribing to my mailing list at the bottom of the contact page and/or following me on Facebook + Instagram



About Acrylic

Acrylic prints are truly a premium, gallery-quality product that arrive ready to hang. Each piece starts with top-of-the-line Lexjet Sunset Metallic paper which is fed into large-format HP printers that can lay down 1200 dots per inch. By comparison, at typical 65" HDTV has about 33 dots per inch. This means that my photography printed large on your wall will reveal immense detail when viewed close up and will appear lifelike from a short distance.

To protect the print, I apply a 1/8"-thick sheet of LOW GLARE, premium acrylic glass to the front of the print. This acrylic is incredibly hard, static-free and largely rejects reflections by scattering incoming light by passing light reflected off print. The low glare finish causes the prints to look almost three-dimensional and very color-rich on your walls. Behind the print is a three-layer backing made up of polyethylene sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. This print is not bending. Wall mounting is included. You simply put up the wall cleat, level it, secure it and finally lift the print up and onto the wall.  

I am currently exploring ways to make my photography accessible to the color blind community. Contact me if you have information or interest in this. I can also assist in lighting suggestions. 


If you would like to see examples of my photography behind acrylic, please contact me to schedule a time to visit my office. 
I'm located in the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle, WA. 


Sean Hoyt