Amtrak's Empire Builder Heading East over Cascade Mountains

Amtrak's Empire Builder Heading East over Cascade Mountains

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My dad and I (and sometimes brother) have been know to, now and then, take a day up in the hills watching trains. To most people, this can be puzzling but it's something that goes back to childhood and it's a great time to just sit around, catch up on things, nap, wait, anticipate, wait more, nap and drink lots of coffee. I usually bring my camera and capture nature scenes along the way.

This photo was taken in a hidden weird place that says Gaynor trackside but I'm not certain it's a real town (anymore?). Access is a rough, dirt road down off Highway 2 and near the end is a cool trestle. I hiked in a bit further and waited to see if a train would pass over. 

In the distance, we could hear a train approach as it came up the Cascades through the long tunnel and, as it crossed the trestle, I started taking a zoomed in photo of the train then completed the panoramic grid so that I could stitch it all together into a massive scene. 

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